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I feel bad that it’s not all that good but wooooo

I feel bad that it’s not all that good but wooooo


That’s right kids, I’m finally opening commissions after waiting around for so long.

Okay so since my job hunt is going kind of downhill right now, I’m going to open up commissions so I can see my beautiful girlfriend! It’s like a rare chance that I don’t have to take a day trip to go see her so yeah.

I think my prices are pretty cheap, and I can make you one of these options:

Sketch - $3.00 CA

LineArt - $5.00 CA

Plain Colour - $8.00 CA

Full Colour - $10.00 CA 

If you’re interested, please send me a message via my ask at TheMightyMogar, and we can talk from there about what you would like!

I would love if you could reblog to spread the word. I’ll give you my love free of charge <3

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When you’re doing dishes and you put a spoon under the running tap


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reaction gif

white girl getting offended

I literally just made this post to see if text posts were working from my phone I didn’t want this to happen

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[[Trolling on my Genderbent!Nepeta blog. Bug him if you please.]] 

[[Gosh I still have so many people to follow on him. ]]

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yeah. i can’t. i could die. we don’t want that, do we?

cruel cruel. *You relax as well, closing your eyes* this is nice.

oh god no i definitely dont want that

haha *You hold her close, letting out a small sigh* it is 


[[Done editing my theme, now to find some people to follow. Reblog if you’re an RP blog?]]

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((I need more blogs to follow so like/reblog this if you’re a homestuck rp blog or whatever  and I’ll follow you uwu))

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motherofglub asked:
((Yeah new years day holiday or some shit. All I wanted to do was get pita chips and hummus god dammit)) Friends are great to )(ang around wit)( so I'm glad you get to! I'm glad I got to see you again too!

[[Pff, that would have been great uwu Maybe we can hang out or something, idk. ]]

haha yeah they can be a pain sometimes too

always nice seeing a friendly face 

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